A Trademark is a distinctive mark that identifies a company’s products or services.

Any mark suitable for graphical representation can be registered as a Trademark. Typical examples include words, names, drawings, letters, numbers, sounds, a product’s shape or packaging, even a combination of colors or specific shades, providing they can identify a company’s goods or services and distinguish them from those of other companies.

Traditionally, the primary function of a trademark is to allow goods to be identified as originating from a specific company. But there is more to it than that; a trademark is an essential asset for a company’s economic activity, becoming an important source of income, and therefore of profit, for the company.

Trademarks also serve as an indication of a service/good’s origin and as a “customer informer”. Consumers can use the trademark present on a product or its packaging to acquire information on its quality and on the reliability of the company that made and marketed it.

In the fashion industry, the sensations evoked by trademarks in the consumer extend beyond the simple features and quality of the products they identify, coming to represent a particular style or way of life for the buyer. It can clearly be argued that trademarks are a symbol, and as such, they allow a company to convey a complex message to its clients by means of a word, drawing, color, and even a sound.

Our Trademark and Domain Name Consulting Services

  • Legal advice on trademark novelty and registration
  • Prior art searches
  • Identification of the goods and services of interest to the client according to the Nice Classification
  • Development of a strategy dedicated to filing and protecting the trademark
  • Filing of applications for Italian and international trademark registration, both individual and collective
  • Renewal of Italian and international trademarks
  • Filing of applications for historical trademark registration
  • Trademark protection on social networks and the Internet
  • Assistance in legal proceedings for infringement
  • Advice and assistance on conflicts over company names, signage, geographical and domain names
  • Assistance with relations with customs authorities
  • Advice on preparing and drafting licensing and concession agreements, regulations on the use of collective marks
  • Transcription of concession and licensing agreements, name changes, petitions to the UIBM or the relevant authority in Italy and overseas
  • Preparation and assistance with national and international opposition actions
  • Surveillance services on denominative and figurative trademarks, both in Italy and abroad
  • Training on trademarks, infringement and unfair competition directly at companies’ offices
  • Advice and assistance for participating in national and international calls for applications for contributions to the field of industrial property

Consulting services on Domain names

  • Advice on the choice of domain name, with prior art searches and legal opinion
  • Registration and management of domain name expiration in any registry
  • Legal advice on disputes concerning domain names or trademarks
  • Activation of reassignment procedures for the recovery of domain names
  • Surveillance service for domain names
  • Surveillance service for registered domain names

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