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Fiammenghi Fiammenghi

Studio Fiammenghi-Fiammenghi is a consultancy providing technical-legal services in the field of industrial property.

Generations-old professionalism and expertise di generazione in generazione

The firm has always been a family business dating back to 1924 and handed down from generation to generation.

Experts in the field

In addition to the professional services provided for the filing of trademark registration and invention patent applications in all technical sectors, including information technology, the firm has a long experience in carrying out research aimed at identifying any prior rights both for trademarks and patents. Customers can therefore not only acquire the exclusive rights recognized by the law but also steer their industrial development towards the most innovative sectors. The firm also provides legal representation services, both in Italian courts and abroad, before international offices such as EPO, WIPO, OHIM.

Studio Fiammenghi Fiammenghi

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