Searches and surveillance


Before filing a trademark or before starting to use it on the market, it is always advisable to carry out a prior art search in order to check whether the trademark you intend to protect and use has not already been protected by third parties with an identical or similar trademark for the same classes of goods and/or services. These searches are therefore aimed at avoiding interference with prior trademarks protected by third parties and litigation potential.

Our legal team will give you the best advice on what type of search to carry out, and will be able to identify the relevant classes of products and services.

Surveillance service

Once a trademark has been filed/registered, it is very important to continue to protect it by preventing others from filing identical or similar trademarks. Therefore, in addition to constantly monitoring the market, we recommend activating a trademark Surveillance Service, identifying all trademark filings that may conflict with the trademark under surveillance and acting promptly against their proprietors (opposition/formal notices/legal action).

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