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What is it?

“Social Network Controller” entails a search of the most popular social network accounts that carry our clients’ trademarks.

This new type of search aims to picture the current situation of trademarks on the world’s most popular social networks and decide whether or not to take actions to close any unauthorised pages.


Facebook, Twitter and many more social media networks can now count on a much larger audience than traditional media, and contain a huge amount of personal information that users provide voluntarily for free. This opportunity enables companies, through the monitoring of their Official Page:

  • to calibrate their advertising campaigns
  • to avoid possible image/reputation damage by monitoring users’ posts
  • to avoid the dispersion of any new customers

On the other hand, the presence of “unofficial” pages/accounts on social networks bearing a registered trademark raises many risks for the proprietor company, such as confusion, negative publicity, association of one’s products or services with inappropriate themes and serious image/reputation damage.

We believe therefore that this specific surveillance – and possible measures to check and close pages/accounts, is essential for ensuring that third parties do not open unofficial pages on Facebook, Twitter and so on.

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